"By the way of law, you cannot get your property back"

The above statement was said to me by a professional lawyer, who is also part of an organized land mafia working along with local authorities to encroach and snatch properties. You can watch the whole conversation in the video below, where despite being a lawyer, he openly refutes the judicial system and suggests that muscle-power should be used to settle disputes.

I am a senior citizen and an ex-serviceman. I am a victim of land-encroachment mafia, and after filing several RTIs, RTI appeals, and charge-sheets, it has become clear that there is a strong collusion between the criminals and police. Even though the Tribunal and High court have passed judgement in my favour, I still fight to claim my property and justice. It seems justice is helpless in front of land mafia's might. During this ongoing ordeal I have witnessed police organizing my meeting with land-mafia within police station, an attempt to kidnap me from my own property, lawyers attempting to stop me from looking into my own case files, and the accepted fact that judicial system should not be pursued to seek justice. I came across several other people who are fighting similar battles, only to be mocked at by the criminals who are in charge of this judicial theatre. You can read about my case in the Voice section (Is Law subservient to VVIPs)

Upon seeing all of this I decided to make a web-site to put forward things that I have seen seen and learnt. To put forward the ordeal and thoughts of me and people like me. This website contains information about Acts, Laws, and different authorities that can be used to seek justice.