Legal eagles

State and police often work together to shield legal eagles, mislead judiciary, causing untold sufferings to millions seeking justice. I have been a complainant for 5 years seeking justice against state/police protected master-min vide FIR 136/2011 PS Bhupani, filed criminal revision petition No. CRR 68/2016 in District and Sessions court Faridabad.

Legal eagles deployed one such woman who availed bail 5 times, last criminal act was on 21 Nov 2015 vide FIR 522/2015 PS Bhupani Faridabad before 10 police men. Her bail was facilitated in 3 hours 10 minutes. Complainant has been court bound for last 6 months for recording evidence under fears of contempt of court. However the judgement may not come in life time.

A failed attempt was made to kidnap the complainant with intent to murder, there-after implicated in 4 false litigation. All the cases were dismissed without any relief to complainant or deterrence to accused woman,

Fight against crime/corruption is a distant dream till master-mins are brought to justice, which is very rare under present system.