Voice of Mohinder Nath Mehta , an Ex-serviceman, Senior Citizen

How our systems work Nation-wide:

If one would go back to 26/11 events , during operation a TV channel had shown a small insignificant clip gone un-noticed by most people . A fishing boat crew member who witnessed arrival of terrorists boat in Sasoon Dock , was telling the media that when terrorists dis-embarked from their boat in Sasoon Dock, he alarmed near-by police-man on duty “yeh apna aadmi nahin hai”.

Police-man on duty as usual looked the other way. That crew member’s body language was suggesting had police not been around, fishermen on their own would have hung terrorists on fishing hooks.

Had our system been meaning-ful, terrorists would not be riding taxis like tourists. There would not have been a 26/11, nor Ajmal Kasabs eating Indian biriyani.

How same systems work for aam aadmi:

I am a senior citizen and an ex-serviceman. I am a victim of land-encroachment and after filing several RTIs, RTI appeals, and charge-sheets, it has become clear that there is a strong collusion between the criminals and police.

On 28/3/11, I filed a trivial complaint to the police station against encroachment of my property by my neighbour. To my mis-fortune Khedi Pul police took more than usual interest in my complaint for reasons very obvious. Police took four days to acknowledge that complaint, which I now realize was because they were planning a strategy. On the fourth day I was called to the Police station where my neighbor, and a member of land-mafia along with his 6 men were present. Calling me to police station in the presence of mafia should make apparent the ties between the criminals and the police.

Surprisingly, the mafia and my neighbor assured me that they will vacate my property within few days. However, my neighbour filed a case on me for getting a stay on my property for being a tenant on my property since 1996. The stay was not granted mainly because they never bothered to submit any evidence of being a tenant and also for the fact that I wasn't present in India during 1996. However, the complete judgement has still to come from the court which may take 5-10 years as per the normal proceedings of the court.

By 1/4/11, Khedi Pul police set in motion professional mafia to entangle me into false / fabricated litigations, to forcibly grab my property, to kidnap me with intention to murder. Now police at every level is doing its best to protect same mafia.

I suspected a threat to my life, which turned out to be true when there was an kidnapping attempt of me. There was lack of integrity shown by the police while investigating of this incident upon the orders of superiors. In the charge sheet filed by the police, the kidnappers were charged with wrong and mild sections of Penal code. Evidence collected by Police from the kidnappers in front of me was missing in the charge-sheet. The correct IPC sections (365 and 511), were applied only when I complained to D.C. Dr. Praveen Kumar.

I had also filed a complaint for the involvement of land-mafia in my case. There was no action taken by Police in this matter. When I filed an RTI, the police simply said that there has been no complaint filed by me. It was only when I showed the acknowledgement receipt of my complaint during the RTI appeal, they agreed to provide me a response for my query. And the response that Police gave was that there is a court case pending between me and that land-mafia member, which is again false. However, it was quite apparent that no matter what Police is not going to take any action on my complaint.

Operation 26/11 lasted just 60 hours, but operation 28/3/11 is going to last my life time, may be beyond.